Activities of Senior Citizens Bureau

The Following are among the major/ important programmes that have been conducted over the years.

1998 Promotion of Inter-generation understanding for Students.
1999 Elder Care Field Training Programme for Rotaract Students.
2000 Dental Health Checkup Programme
• World Elders Day
2001 Detection of Hearing disability Distribution of Hearing Aids donated by HelpAge India
• World Elders Day
2002 Geriatric Master Health Checkup
• World Elders Day.
2003 Bone Mass Density Detection Rural Eye Camp & Social Welfare Camp
• World Elders Day.
2004 • Prostate Disease Detection (2 camps)
• Elder Care & BMD Interactive Programme.
• Well women Camp.
• Economic Welfare – Interactive Programme.
• Geriatric Counselling & Psychotherapy Programme. World Elders Day
• Geriatric Nrusing Assistant 6 month Training Programme.
2005 • Healthy Lung
• Healthy Joints & Arteries. Interactive Meet - Peace & Spirituality.
• Talk on Elder MovementIndian & Global Scenario. ‘Youth Support & Encouragement on Children’s Day.
• Prostate Disease Detection
• Talk on HealthyAgeing. World Elders Day.
20-05-2006 Screening camp on “Dementia”
24-06-2006 World ElderAbuseAwareness day
23-07-2006 Camp on “HealthyArteries”
23-07-2006 Camp on “Skin Diseases”.
19-08-2006 Lecture on “Clinical Aspects of Memory Disorders
19-08-2006 “The world Disorders to join with Memory”
16-09-2006 “World Alzheimers Day”
01-10-2006 World Elders Day
• Launch of Website
18-11-2006 Camp on “Flu Vaccination Interactive Session on the topic “Myths and Facts about Chikun Gunya”
16-12-2006 Camp on “Risks of Falling down among the elderly”
21-01-2007 Discussion by a panel of medical experts on the “Risk of fails due to imbalance among olders adults.”
24-02-2007 3 in 1 Camp - Integrated Eye, Dental & ENT checkups.
24-03-2007 Incontinence Camp for OlderAdults.
14-04-2007 12th Annual DayAGM Launching of Project- 1
24-05-2007 Gettogether and Interactive Meet on Right to Information Act.
17-06-2007 Free Health Assessment for the Women Inmates of the Mercy Home
02-10-2007 World Elders Day 2007 Celebration
24-11-2007 Free Health Assessement for male inmates of the Mercy Home
24-11-2007 Celebration of Children’s Day
21-12-2007 Interactive Session with Medical Specialists & Camp on ‘Flu Vaccine’
26-01-2008 Camp on Healthy Mind & Healthy Bones
17-02-2008 1) Inauguration of Geriatric House Call Programme
2) Story Telling on ‘Caring for Life’
24-03-2008 Incontinence Camp for OlderAdults.
22-03-2008 Sleep & The Elderly
06-04-2008 Scientific Sessionon Geriatric Emergencies at Home
12-04-2008 Interactive meet on Reverse Mortgage Loan
17-05-2008 Lecture Programme on Save a Life & Give a Life (SAGA)
08-06-2008 Scientific Session on Geriatric Sexuality
29-06-2008 6th AGM and Annual Day Conference
15-07-2008 Release of Book in Tamil “Arubathu Vayathuku Piragu”.
27-07-2008 Scientific Session on Cognitive Impainment in for elderly
27-07-2008 Scientific Session on Cognitive Impainment in for elderly
17-08-2008 Screening Camp for HEALTHYAGEING
24-08-2008 Session on “incontinence of Urine”.
18-09-2008 Scientific Session on “incontinence of Urine”..
28-09-2008 World Alzheimer’s Day
01-10-2008 World Elders Day-2008
23-11-2008 “Family Welfare Special Health Camp (From Pediatric to Geriatric age groups)
15-12-2008 “KnowAbout Meno Pause”
10-01-2009 Lecture & Camp on “Thyroid Disorders of OlderAdults’.
22-02-2009 Geriatric House Call Programme-1 Anniversary.
15-03-2009 Mediation and Hypno Theraphy for Senior Citizens.
21-06-2009 A Free Seminar On ‘arthritis & Its Management”.
24-04-2010 Lecture cum Demo on Geriatric Psyiotherapy
08-08-2010 15th Annual Day of the Bureau - 7th year of publication of Link Age celebrates.
19-09-2010 Instn. of values, Impact of celebration on Elderly poor in Chennai
09.10.2010 Celebration of World Elder Day and Book release “Productive Ageing”
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5-12-2010 Institute of Mental Health - Cheering up and Culture Programme.
16-01-2011 Active Ageing - Business opportunity for Men & Women
29-1-2011 Workshop “Role of the youth in Age Care”.
13-2-2011 3rd Anniversary of Geriatric House Call Project and 8th Academy Program for
Panel doctors of HCP & release of the Book “Doctors inHelp in Assn. with M/s. CIPLA
19-03-2011 Lecture on “Writing a Will / Settlement
23-04-2011 Happy get-together with inmates of KIMH in Assn. with KRWA
30-04-2011 “World Parkinson Day” Celebration in Association with M/s.zUCB NCS Division and release of the book on “Parkinson Disease”
21.05.2011 16th Annual Day Conference
15.06.2011 World ElderAbuseAwareness Program cum Camp, jointlywith HelpAge India
16.07.2011 Pain ManagementAwareness Program cum Camp jointly with Amurthanjan Health Care specialized centre.
21.08.2011 Presentation by Dr. G.S. Kailash, MD, DTCD, AACP, FCHP on how not to go to a Doctor, jointly with Insurance Pensioners Trust.
29.08.2011 Commemoration of World Elders Day jointly with Stella Maris College. Chief Guest Dr. T.S. Krishnamurthy, IRS (R), Former CEC
15.10.2011 Free Geriatric Health Screening Camp jointly with Dept. of Geriatric Medicine, GH. Chief Guest Dr. V. Kanagasabai, Dean,MMC & GH
27.11.2011 123rd Scientific Session of GHCP on Geriatric Cardiology, Chief Guest Prof. Dr. D. Vaidyanathan (R).
16.12.2011 Free Screening Camp for Dementia &Depression jointly with HelpAge India. Chief Guest Padmabushan Dr. M.Sarada Menon.
24.12.2011 Book CX5v @la#”P©o?”0© a? authored by Dr. V.S. Natarajan launched by Prof . D r. Silamboli Su. Sellappan and CineArtist Thiru R. Sivakumar.
26.01.2012 Cheer-up- visit and presentation of gifts to Geriatric Ward / GH, thru Prof. Dr. B. Krishnaswamy, MD & Dean Dr. V. Kanagasabai.
21.02.2012 Free seminar on Health Insurance for Senior Citizens jointly with HelpAge India. Chief Guest Mr. V. Ramasamy, B.Sc., ACA, Insurance Ombudsman.
17.03.2012 Free camp on Management of Arthritis jointly with TOSH Hospital.
09.04.2012 World Health Day 4th Anniversary of GHCP, Honouring Padmasri Dr. V.S. Natarajan Dr. V.S. Vijay, MS (Ortho) Hon. Ministerfor Health, GOT released the Book “Doctors in Help” Dean Dr. V. Kanagasabai felicitated.
19.05.2012 Awareness & Demo on Emergency Management, Chief Guest Mr. B.N. Sridhar, Regional CEO, GVK-EMRI, Chennai.
26.08.2012 Annual General Body Meeting, Chief Guest Padmasri Dr. V.S. Natarajan Senior Geriatrician
29.09.2012 World Elders Day & World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, Chief Guest Justice Tmt. K.B.K. Vasuki, Judge, High Court of Madras
20.10.2012 Multi Speciality Mega Health Camp, Chief Guest Prof. Dr. B. Krishnaswamy, HOD, Geriatric Dept, MMC & GH, Chennai
14.11.2012 Interaction on Safety & Security of Senior Citizens, Chief Guest Thiru S. Saravanan, Asst. Commissioner of Police
15.12.2012 World Pneumania Day & Vaccination Camp, Chief Guest Padmasri Dr. V.S. Natarajan, Senior Geriatrician
24.01.2013 Modem Senior FriendlyApartments, Chief Guest Mr. Arun Gupta, CEO, Age Ventures India, N.Delhi
17.02.2013 5th Anniversary of GHCP and Release of “Doctors in Help”, Chief Guest Dr. V. Kanagasabai, Dean, MMC, Chennai .
23.02.2013 Heart Diseases, What Do you need to Know? Chief Guest Dr. Amal Louis, Senior Cardiologist, Cardiologist, Visit to Apollo, Ayanambakkam.
23.03.2013 Sprituality & Old Age, Chief Guest Er. R.S. Guna Sekar, Technical manager, MSys, Guindy
08.04.2013 Visit to new Geriatric ICU ward, GH presenting multi purpose racks and alpa air beds
20.04.2013 World Health Day, Dr. B. Krishnaswamy
26.05.2013 Judiciary Today, Dr. T.S. Ramaswamy
23.06.2013 Myths and Facts in Medicine, Dr. G.S. Kailash
21.07.2013 18th Annual Day and 10th Anniversary of LinkAge, Padmasri Dr. V.S. Natarajan
21.07.2013 8th World ElderAbuseAwareness Day, Tmt. S. Revathi
21.07.2013 AGM, Capt. Dr. M. Singaraja, SM
16.08.2013 National Solidarity Day of Senior Citizens, Prof. R. Thilagaraj
22.09.2013 Arogya -2013 Geriatric Mega Health Screening Camp in Siddha Medicine, Prof. Dr. P. Jayaprakash Narayanan, Prof. Dr. R.S. Ramaswamy
05.10.2013 World Elders Day, Justice Thiru. K.Gnanaprakasam
14.11.2013 Safety &Security of Senior Citizens, Mr. R. Shibu Kumar, IP
15.12.2013 HealthyAgeing, Dr. Ilango, Dr. M. Lakshmipathy Ramesh
20.12.2013 Real Life Success An Awareness Forumon Arthritis, Dr. S. Arumugam
12.01.2014 Prostate Health, Dr. Krish Sairam
16.02.2014 Cardiac Health, Dr. K.G. Sundar Kumar .
23.03.2014 Falls, Dr. N. Lakshmipathy Ramesh
27.04.2014 Demntia (Facts and Fear), Dr. Preetikaa Chary, Kauvery Hospital
21.06.2014 19th Annual Day, Mr. M. Ravi, IPS, IG of Police
21.06.2014 11th Anniversary of Journal “LinkAge”, Mr. S.P.Ambrose, IAS
21.06.2014 9th World ElderAbuseAwareness Day, Padmasri Dr. V.S. Natarajan
20.07.2014 Care and Management of Diabetic Foot and Wounds, Prof. Dr. V.B. Narayanamurthy
16.08.2014 Acupressure and Nature Cure, Prof. Dr. FA.Abdul Nazar
13.09.2014 Nonsurgical Treatment for Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD), Dr. R. RaviKumar
04.10.2014 World Elders Day, Dr. K.Rosaiah, HE The Governor of Tamil Nadu
04.12.2014 Children’s Day, Thiru Sriharan Balan, Director—Administration of Madura Travel Service (P)Ltd. Egmore
20.12.2014 Safety and Security of Senior Citizens, Thiru S. Pandian, Asst. Commissioner of Police
24.01.2015 Camp On Comprehensive Geriatric Health Assessment, Department Of Geriatric Medicine, Madras Medical College.
21.02.2015 One Day Outing to Thiruvallur and Surroundings. A talk on “Gurvashtakam: A message of equity of all by Adi Sankara by Prof. Dr. Sarma VSN Rachakonda, Dr. Sarma Hospital .
21.03.2015 Opportunity to be with MNC, Thiru Nagarajan, KotakAPC
18.04.2015 Palliative Care to Relieve Suffering With Knowledge, Skill &Attitude, Dr. Mallika Tiruvadanan,
15.05.2015 Elder Justice Initiative: Stakeholders Response on Social Security of Elderly”, Mr. Md. Shakeel Akthter, IPS
28.06.2015 12th Anniversary ofJoumal “ LinkAge”, Mr. SP. Ambrose
28.06.2015 12th Anniversary ofJoumal “ LinkAge”, Mr. SP. Ambrose
28.06.2015 20th Annual Day Day, Dr. VS. Natarajan
28.06.2015 AGM, Capt. Dr. M. Singaraja
24.07.2015 10th World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, Thiru KT. Srinivasa Raja, MD, AdyarAnandha Bhavan
23.08.2015 Health monitoring campand a Presentation on Common Intenstine Problems , Dr. P. Sabareesan, Be Well Hospital
18.09.2015 Orthocum Physiotherapy and Acupuncture Camp jointly with HelpAge India
07.10.2015 World Elders Day, Tmt. B. Valarmathi, Hon’ble Ministerfor Social Welfare
22.11.2015 Condolence meeting for Maj. Gen. Aban Naidu, PVSM,AVSM,M-in-D, Guests - Dr. VS.Natrajan, Mrs.Vijayalakshmi Daljit and Er.Hari Naidu at Aanvii Hearing Solution Clinic.
13.12.2015 Flood Relief Camp at Chetpet – Coordinated by Inspector of Police and his team, Kilpauk Police Station
02.01.2016 Free Medical Camp at Murugan Multi speciality Hospital Kilpauk Guests – Asst. Commissioners of Police,Kilpauk and Purasaiwakam.
20.02.2016 One day free Geriatric Yoga and Naturopathy Medical Camp at Govt. Yoga and Naturopathy Medical College, Arumbakkam. Chief Guest – Dr.N.Manavalan,Principal. .
19.03.2016 Geriatric Neurology at Institution of Valuers Hall,Mylapore Chief Guest – Padmasri Dr.V S Natrajan.
22.04.2016 Comprehensive Eye check-up Camp at M.N Eye Hospital,Kilpauk Chief Guest – Dr.Chalini Madhivanan MD
21.05.2016 Work out session on Physical and Mental Wellness for the Elderly at Ayanpuram Handled by Dr.Capt.M Singaraja
17.06.2016 Observation of the commemoration of World Elder Abuse Awareness Day 2016 and World Yoga Day 2016 at Dr.BMS Matric HSS,Aminjikarai. Chief Guest – Professor Dr.Vedhagiri Shanmuga Sundaram
08.07.2016 Talk on Spirituality for Active Ageing at Tanseca service center, Arumbakkam. Guest spesker – Swami Madhavananda Aacharya
22.07.2016 Observation of the commemoration of World Elder Abuse Awareness Day 2016, 21st Annual Day of SCB and 13th Anniversary of Journal LinkAge Guests – Swami Mitrananda and Dr.A Nirmala
24.08.2016 One Day Tour to visit SCARF Rehabilitation Center (Bhavsya Bhavan), Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development (RGNIYD) And Temples around.
17.09.2016 Health Monitoring Camp and a Presentation on Healthy Ageing at Pon Malligai Multi Specialty Hospital,Kilpauk by Dr.M Marudhupandian.
01.10.2016 Observation of the commemoration of World Elders Day 2016 At Ethiraj College for Women,Egmore Guests – Gandhian Thiru V.Kalyanam, Padmasri Dr.V.S.Natrajan and Dr.A.Nirmala.
28.11.2016 National Children’s Day and World Elders Day at Dr.GMTT HSS , Chennai Guests -Thiru Ram Vishwanathan., Secretary, T.T.V. Group of School.
19.12.2016 Dental Health Monitoring Camp, at Dr. BMS Matric Higher Secondary School Campus, Chennai – 30, guest Dr. D. PRABU ,Professor and HOD Public Health Dentistry, SRM Dental College, Ramapuram.
21.01.2017 A Panel Discussion On “Widening The International Network Of U3A, at The Conference Hall of Andhra Chamber Of Commerce, Namdanam, Guest- Dr. Vedagiri Shanmuga Sundaram, Guests of Honour: Prof. PARSURAMEN ARMOOGUM President, U3A Mauritius and Prof. VELLAS President, Association International Universities International Training Programme" in "Social Gerontology”.
19.02.2017 Commemoration of 9th Anniversary of Geriatric House Call Project of SCB at Jayam Home Health Care Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai - 600 041 Presentation on Jayam Geriatric Home Services by Dr. RAMESH SADASIVAN, Medical Director, Jayam Poly Clinic and Nursing Home. .
18.03.2017 “Dementia Screening Camp At Scarf Training and Resource Centre Chennai - 600 006 Presentation by Dr. Sridhar Vaitheswaran Consultant Psychiatrist & Coordinator / Dementia Care in SCARF – DEMCARES.
15.04.2017 One Day Training Program To Empowersenior Citizens With Digital Inclusion (Focusing on “Smartphone & Computer”) at Dr. BMS Matric HSS Campus,Shenoy Nagar, Presentation by Thiru R. Muthukrishnan,Senior Manager – HelpAge India